Anxiety In Adolesent Students Essay Sample

Anxiety In Adolesent Students Essay Sample

… lower income bracket to go to university. Many opine that the government is promoting the student loan scheme leading to the development of a debt culture.
There are several surveys that suggest that nearly three quarters of the students who graduate with excessive debts tend to suffer from high anxiety, and severe depression.
The government may think that borrowing money from the student loan schemes will lessen student debts but in reality they only generate a distrust of financial institutions.
A national survey revealed that the view towards undergraduate debts discovered that two thirds of parents with children in universities …

… fees plan is a very positive step in the field of education, since they can use the fees paid by students to further invest on resources, research, teaching facilities. However, 68% of the students believe that the money should be spent on student accommodation and student related activities.
The students feel that the top up fees plan would add to debt making it difficult to support their education. This would also limit the opportunities for intelligent students from lower income bracket from putting themselves through university education. During the investigation, it was found that nearly 72% of the studentsare …

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