Apa Papers Eating Disorder Men Essay Example

Apa Papers Eating Disorder Men Essay Example

Eating Disorders and Mass Media
The media by way of advertisements and through models and film stars in these advertisements and shows on television and magazines present the picture of ‘ideal body’, which have a negative effect on the youth of today. In comparison to men, advertisements have a great effect on women. Nowadays even though men also give importance to their personal appearances like that of women, the advertisements greatly are targeted on women. This is because women are always trying to improve their appearance by losing weight, and looking out for new makeup, hair products and other cosmetics. …

… make women feel that are over-weight and therefore are less attractive. Considerable reduction in weight loss as a result of eating disorder can produce negative effects in women. Eating disorders could become a self-perpetuating addiction, which produces both physical and emotional harm to women. Due to eating disorder what happens is that there would be loss of body fat under the skin, reduced muscle mass, dental erosion, loss of fat around heart, reduced body temperature, amenorrhea, which denotes loss of three or more consecutive menstrual cycles, and mild anemia which are some of the less serious effects. Other …

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