Appearch Vs Reality Of Poems Essay Example

Appearch Vs Reality Of Poems Essay Example

… ‘unconventionality’ of Wordsworth’s poems compared to other poets, Wordsworth’s poetry deserves merit in its excellence in its “powerful application to his subject, of ideas ’on man, on nature, an on human life’” (705). Wordsworth’s ability to relate and reflect aspects of people’s lives into his poems qualifies Wordsworth to the status of Arnold’s definition of a “great poet”: “the greatness of a poet lies in his powerful and beautiful application of ideas to life,–to the question: How to live” (707). Arnold’s perception of Wordsworthian poetry as a form of reflection of ‘living’ one …

… discussion of Wordsworthian poetry, both Arnold and Abrams do not contradict nor seem alike in their analyses; rather, their discussions complement each other in illustrating the development of Wordsworthian poetry and its significance and meaning to the readers/audiences. Arnold established the first premise that Wordsworthian poetry reflects the reality and life of Man with Nature, and Abrams develops Arnold’s thesis by going further inside the train of thoughts of poets and writers. That is, while Arnold’s analysis depict the outer appearance of poetry, Abrams goes in-depth and more individuated in his discussion of poetry, and then …

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