Application Follow Up Letter Essay Sample

Application Follow Up Letter Essay Sample

… expedient performance measurement and review procedure or system. Thus, these new positive amendments in the existing market trends bring forward the role of performance measurement system in determining the success of the overall organization while accomplishing the set of objectives outlined by the management for the employees to follow in letter and spirit. What makes the impact of the measurement and paying for performance systems more strong than ever in today’s cutthroat market milieu, is the realization of the significance of the employee participation. On the same account, this emerging system is largely reliant on the “intelligence, common sense …

… to the company. Stanford University professor Edward Lazear has conducted extensive research on what he calls “personnel economics.” His research on piecework in middle and low-tier jobs demonstrates that productivity increases substantially when pay is directly tied to performance. (Tulgan, 2001, p. 19)

Part III: Future Direction and Application
Measurement of performance and paying for the same in terms of incentives, bonuses, annual increments, a word of appreciation and a pat on the back is basically about recognizing the efforts of the employees and encouraging them to perform according to their capacity thereby accomplishing organization’s goals. This concept …

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