Applications Ring Laser Gyroscope Essay

Applications Ring Laser Gyroscope Essay

… Novices, defines Hubs and Switches as

Hubs and Switches are special central electronic junction boxes where you plug in the network cables from the computers.
The Working Network

Networks have driving aspects that makes it work. These aspects are the network’s technology, topology, and protocol. Ethernet and Token Ring are two of the many types of a network technology. TCP/IP and IPX, on the other hand, are among the popular protocols (How do Networks Work?)

A data packet is a network element sent to computers within a network. This packet serves as the storage data space of each …

… data, and sending back of data packets continue in a network until terminals are no longer connected.

Network applications and software make network communication possible. Such includes e-mails, Internet browsers, chat applications, etc. They are the mediums of communication between computer terminals connected in a network. Without these applications, a connected terminal will remain useless in terms of network communication.

Basically, the electronic wires, cables, network hardwares, software, and users, make a network communication possible. Without these elements, there will be no data sending and receiving.

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