Arabian Nights Overview Essay Sample

Arabian Nights Overview Essay Sample

This paper studies two stories from The Tales from the Thousand and One Nights and compares and contrasts them in order to reveal the depiction of women in them.


The depiction of women in the Nights is diverse in nature. On the one hand, there are many female slaves and concubines who must obey the men who own them. On the other hand, there are not fully independent but self-confident women whose courage and wit save many human lives. An example is that of Shahrazade who gathers the courage to marry the King and heal him of his insane distrust of women. This in turn saves the lives of many women.
Similarly, in the “Tales of the Hunchback”, wife of Badr Ul Din Hasan, is shown to be an extremely faithful woman, who was arranged to marry a hunchback but was instead fated to marry Badr. Though Badr is transported by djinns to another place, where he spends many years away from his wife, she continues to live without him but remains faithful. She also has a son born of him, whom she brings up single handedly and after some years, even goes to look for …

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