Atism Overview Essay

Atism Overview Essay

… A Brief Overview of School Desegregation
The article, “A Brief Historical Overview of School Desegregation” by Walter G. Stephan, covers the desegregation of the nations schools from the beginning of black slavery in America to the present times. It explains how blacks became an “inferior” race in the nations eyes, the lack of educational opportunities for black children, and the rise of the public school system in the North.

After the Civil War, blacks were still not guaranteed an education, and it was not until the Brown vs. The Board of Education ruling in 1954 that blacks were guaranteed the same education as whites, and on the same turf. Before that, their education had been stipulated as “separate but equal,” meaning they must attend their own black schools – usually not enjoying the same amenities white schools offered their students. Of course, segregation did not happen overnight, and there were many groups who fought against it with fervor. It did not really proceed full speed until the late 1960s, when busing black children to white schools became a normal activity.
This article shows how difficult it was for blacks to simply gain the same educational opportunities that whites had …

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