Attitude Towards Mentally Ill People Essay Example

Attitude Towards Mentally Ill People Essay Example

… A nursing home is both a place where people are treated as patients and a place where people live. This is inherent in the name of the place. A ‘nursing home’ is a place where individuals are nursed, yet the place that the elderly or critically ill call home when they can no longer function on a daily basis without assistance. This dual nature of nursing homes …

… their right state of mind. They gaze vaguely into the distance, uncertain of how and where they are to go in an unfamiliar environment. Those patients that do seem to be fully engaged mentally and physically do not always wear clothing, even though it is mid-day or evening. They seem prepared to lie in bed more than to engage in the daily acts of life.
Despite …

… room tonight, some reminding everyone of an upcoming table tennis tournament. Other reminders of health even exist in the presence of a gym, where physical rehabilitation and maintenance takes place.
The attitude of the staff towards the patients is friendly and professional. Frequently, nurses and orderlies refer to the patients by name. They engage in conversation with individuals with whom they have formed a bond beyond that …

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