Audio System Essay

Audio System Essay

… expects return from product sales, service sales, or the combination of both. There will be 5% return targeted for the first three years and it is set to increase in the fourth year and so.

4. Description of Product and Service
With the special target on Honda Accord and Civic owners, the stores will open real and virtual display of Honda car accessories and types of modification services. The owners can choose from the catalogue or visit the store themselves to find the desirable materials they need to dress up their cars. The products include maintenance, interior, exterior, and audio system. It is assumed that some of the customers plan to resell the cars, therefore the customer support will offer onsite as well as offsite assistance to upgrade the cars to meet the highest selling point.
The web site will be a handy reference to confirm, as the company plans to form a solid customer support department, which manages information updates and perform consulting function. On the site, customers will be able to read articles, learn about parts of the car body, join the interactive boards, post messages, and advertise their cars for free after modification. Unfortunately, Honda Accord and …

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