Autopsy Marilyn Monroe Essay

Autopsy Marilyn Monroe Essay

… whole ideal. She is the ideal woman – the woman that men want to know and women want to be. She represents a combination of beauty, class and character. She is the successful woman that still knows how to enjoy herself. All these characteristics and qualities are summed up by Marilyn Monroe. The pose in the advertisement is a famous one, and while it is really just a scene in a movie, it has connotations of the carefree attitude that Marilyn Monroe symbolizes.
Next, it is important to consider the ideologies present in the advertisement. These ideologies are based on assumptions …

… program ‘Sex in the City’ where the characters drink the cocktail, Cosmopolitan. In each case, the drink is a reflection of the character. The Smirnoff advertisement recognizes this ideology and uses it well, by creating a certain image in the advertisement. The implication is that to be like Marilyn Monroe, drink vodka. This creates a certain sophisticated and sexy image for the product that will appear to people seeking these characteristics.
The overall impact of the advertisement is to create a certain image for Smirnoff Vodka. This image ties into the ideologies of modern society and to the consumer culture …

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