Average Lifespan American Citizen Essay Example

Average Lifespan American Citizen Essay Example

… the beginning years of the twentieth century continued their unfair practices and increased in scope and power throughout America.
By the time Woodrow Wilson had become President of the United States in 1912, American corporations continued to expand and many Americans became fearful that corporations, due to their vast financial holdings, would absorb smaller companies, thus creating more monopolies and limiting fair competition. The Clayton Anti-Trust …

… the vast majority of savings, while the remainder had no savings at all. A prime example of this disparity was the automobile mogul Henry Ford, who earned $14 million as compared to the average income of $7500 a year. As usual, the major reason for this disparity was due to the increased manufacturing output of the big corporations which saw immense gains in their profit margins while …

… inheritance taxes.
But the major event, beginning in 1929, which financially catapulted American corporations and the wealthy was the Great Depression, the worst economic catastrophe in U.S. history that affected every American citizen. Although many factors contributed to the Depression, the main cause centered around the unequal distribution of wealth and the speculations in the stock market. Once again, American corporations came out on top, due …

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