Babbitt By Sinclair Lewis Summary Essay Sample

Babbitt By Sinclair Lewis Summary Essay Sample


Lewis Sinclair’s Babbitt is anything but an ordinary character and this is evident from the fact that Babbitt is now part of our general vocabulary. As Hutchison notes, “”Babbitt” has become a term in our vocabulary for the philistine businessman” (Pg. 7). He is a true representative of American upper-middle class society. It is important to remember that Babbitt is not a middle class member as many would argue but he is essentially a little higher on the social stratification ladder. This is clear from the abundance and affluence that he enjoys …

… exquisite decoration items etc. In his pursuit to be counted as an important member of the society, he lost all sense of direction and this resulted in deep resentment and discontentment, which Babbitt’s character signifies perfectly.

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