Background Information On Female Serial Killers Essay Sample

Background Information On Female Serial Killers Essay Sample

Within Chapter One, an overview of the study will be provided. Initially, relevant background information will be presented. This will be followed by a statement of the problem. Subsequently, the purpose and the objectives of the study will then be outlined. The rationale for the study will be presented, followed by definition of key terms and a discussion of the limitations of the study. …

… possible to generalize the findings to women offenders and the experience of incarceration outside of the US. The study findings are further limited in that secondary data sources were utilized to gather the information necessary to address the purpose and objectives of the study. While this information is valid and useful, it would have been helpful to have the opportunity to also include information obtained via surveys …

… confined in prisons grew by an annual average of 8.5%; over the same years, prison populations nationwide increased an average 6.7% annually. In 1990 State and Federal prisons housed 44,065 female prisoners, just over half the number held in 1998.
On the basis of regional location of incarceration, it was found that among State prisoners in 1998, 44% (33,345) were held by States …

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