Should We Ban Smoking In Puplic Essay Sample

Should We Ban Smoking In Puplic Essay Sample

… habits. In addition the writer explores some of the different concerns for productivity that have been studied throughout the years with regards to smokers including secondhand smoke damage, absenteeism and dollars lost. This proposal suggests the direct question of affect on productivity from the time workplaces began to ban smoking on their premises. The study will include smokers as well as non smokers who are still working as well as retired and include things such as if they smoke and if so what the ban does to their productivity. Nonsmokers will be questioned as to their productivity as well to …

… the health and quality of life provided by having health indoor air.
All of the above studies indicate that banning smoking from the workplace can only have a positive affect on the quality and standard of life for the working population but there is no information about how this ban affects productivity of the workers.
The ban on smoking in the workplace was prompted by the public outcry of non smokers who did not want to be exposed to second hand smoke. Report after report came in about the dangers of secondhand smoke. Some studies concluded that second hand smoke …

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