What Does Bartleby Represent Essay Sample

What Does Bartleby Represent Essay Sample

… 992). We also know that there are “glass folding-doors” (996) that divided the narrator from his scriveners. In addition, we also know that the narrator placed an “high green folding screen” (997) between him and Bartleby. This entire setting provides us with the image of the office and working conditions as well as the narrator’s mindset toward his workers. The walls represent the stagnant, dead-end nature of the work that the scriveners performed and the glass doors and screen signify the narrator’s desire to control situations.
Additionally, the narrator is a metaphor for capitalist society and …

… the sometimes complex issues in order to maintain a certain level of peace in his life. This however, changes with the presence of Bartleby, who forces the narrator to step outside his comfortable shell in order to reach out to a fellow man. What makes this effort so amazing for the narrator is that Bartleby does not respond.
Another metaphor that is critical to the meaning of the story is the very brief piece of history that the narrator discovers about Bartleby. This is his previous occupation as a clerk in the Dead Letter Office. (1020) This information is something …

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