Benefits of a Chronological Resume

Benefits of a Chronological Resume

Whenever you apply for a job you are required to submit your resume. How do we usually write a resume? We mention the year from which we are working in the current job and our job responsibilities. Then we move on to the previous job, then the one before that till we reach our first job. This kind of resume where we mention our work experience in the order of the jobs we have done is called a chronological resume.

Advantages of a chronological resume:

For the employer:

The prospective employer would find it easy to peruse a chronological resume since there is no room for confusion regarding jobs held or kind of work done.

For the applicant:

  • A chronological resume is not difficult to write as you just list your jobs and your responsibilities in each of them.
  • If your resume is not chronological, doubts may arise in the mind of the employer regarding your work experience. He may wonder if you are hiding something by not mentioning your jobs in the chronological order – maybe you have too many gaps in your career or you have changed jobs too often.

However a chronological resume may not be suitable for:

  • Job applicants who have just finished their education
  • People who have worked in varied fields
  • People who have gaps in their careers for whatever reason
  • People who want to take up a new line of work and want to shift focus from the past jobs to their skills

In such cases functional resumes are prepared where the spotlight is on ability and talents. You can also prepare a resume which is a combination of a chronological and a functional resume. In the case of such a combination resume, the prospective employer can see the various jobs and positions you have held as well as the list of skills you have learnt and exhibited in your career.

You may feel that chronological resumes are very easy to prepare. After all, all you have to do is write down the different jobs you have done since the beginning of your career. You should however remember that so many others like you would also feel the same and your resume will end up looking similar to those of other job applicants. Since there is nothing unique in your resume, the person shortlisting the resumes may overlook it.

You can opt for a resume download or use a resume wizard, but for your resume to stand out you will have to seek professional help. The process is quite simple.

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