Benefits and Drawbacks of Resume Download

Benefits and Drawbacks of Resume Download

A student just finishing his education, a person looking out for better prospects, a person just fired from his job, a person wanting to go back to work after a long break – you could be any one of these. What would be the one thing that you require in such circumstances- yes, it is a curriculum vitae or resume. And your friends may advise you to go in for a resume download.

The internet today is such a tool that a click of a mouse gets you a resume format. All you have to do is type “resume download” and links to a number of sites which offer this service appear. There are formats for all – entry to executive level resumes. Before deciding whether this is the ideal way of getting a resume ready, let us examine the positive and negative aspects of downloading a resume.

Benefits of downloading a resume:

  • The first benefit is of course that is that a resume download is absolutely free. Don’t we all crave for products or services absolutely free of cost?
  • There is a vast choice of available resumes on the internet. You can download any number of resumes.

The drawbacks of downloading a resume:

  • There may be many people who have selected the same resume which you have downloaded. You would want your resume format to be unique and not a copy of something which hundreds of others may also be using.
  • You will get a readymade format at no cost but the filling of the details has to be done by yourself. One can’t get written details of oneself on the internet.
  • There is the ‘problem of plenty’. There are so many options available; resume downloads can get a little confusing to the person looking for the right format.

The points elucidated above clearly show that though it can be helpful, downloading of resumes is not the answer. So what does one do under the circumstances? You are badly in need of a job and you know that a well-written resume is a must. We have the perfect answer for you – our resume writing service. You will then have a professional resume.

A stitched garment fits you better than a readymade one; similarly a resume tailored especially for you will benefit you more. You may be a doctor, engineer, teacher or any other professional. You may possess great skills, have great potential and have enviable achievements. However, unless you put them down clearly in your resume, your prospective employer will be ignorant of your talents.

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