Best Automobile Essay

Best Automobile Essay

… . While all these developments have contributed significantly in raising the living standards of billions, there was one other discovery of the last century that did much more: it literally saved the lives of billions of people. That discovery was the development of the miracle drug called penicillin. In this essay I shall discuss when and how penicillin was discovered and why I consider it to be the greatest discovery of the last century.
It may be hard to believe, but before the discovery of the penicillin and the widespread availability of the first antibiotic known to humans, something as innocuous …

… man’s fight against several deadly diseases.
Let us see why penicillin, rather than some other invention, deserves the ‘honor’ of being crowned the greatest discovery of the last century. Among other strong contenders are the automobile, the airplane, the wireless, electricity, the transistor and the personal computer. The automobile and electricity are technically disqualified as they were invented in the previous centuries . Out of the rest, the airplane and personal computer were the result of development of existing technologies rather than breakthrough ideas. For example, the steam engine (discovered in the 18th century), had already made rapid propulsion possible …

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