The Best Day Of Your Life Essay Sample

The Best Day Of Your Life Essay Sample

… Most memorable day at Rutgers University:
It was my first day in college and I tried making the Dean’s list for my first semester. For that first semester, I took pre-medical subjects. I did not like it much and did not appear to be doing too well either. The GPA of my sophomore year, cumulatively, was 2.6 only.
Due to my lack of progress as a pre-medical student, I switched to economics as my major and liked it. I got success immediately by getting 3.9 GPA in my first semester. I realized I enjoyed the …

… completing my graduation at Rutgers University, my GPA was 3.1 and imminently on a rise. My statistics and performance throughout my semesters showed that I had thoroughly enjoyed my major.
As I walked to receive my Dean list award, I couldn’t remember a better day in my life.

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