The Best Freelancing Writing Career Tips

The Best Freelancing Writing Career Tips

Since freelance writing is such a competitive market, the best freelance authors will spend time improving their freelancing business. Enhancing a freelancer’s business operation, skill set and writing capabilities are necessary components in the battle to stay on top.

Keep Learning

It is arrogant for a freelance professional to assume that they are on the top of their game. No one knows everything and freelance writers should make it a priority to continue learning and growing. Not all freelancers have to get a college degree, but staying up to date on trends, improving grammar and writing skills, and keeping an eye on how the freelance market is evolving are all important skills any freelance writer should achieve.

Read the Market

It is always helpful to be able to read the market, and assess where demand lies. If, for example, you are a South African citizen, and you see a demand for Afrikaans books, magazine articles or copy, you could capitalise from being among the first to provide content that meets the demand. The same principle applies to any area in which the market supply is not equal to market demand.

Bounce Back

Rejection is a commonplace aspect of being a writer. This statement is just as true for freelance writers as it is for novelists. Persistence and a bit of thick skin will cause a freelancer to go further than any other activity. Writers without these traits will find themselves giving up under the pressure and disappointment. There is a common idea that a person will receive one yes for every ten no’s. If this is true, the ability to keep a rejection from being personal is a pivotal part of the freelance process.


Freelance writers are mistaken if the believe they don’t need a brand. A brand helps to differentiate a writer from the multitudes of competition. Narrowing down the author’s focus and creating a dynamic website portfolio are important but what the site says about the writer is just as important.


Many freelancers obtain a few clients and focus solely on completing their work. What these writers fail to see is that clients are not forever and, at some point, it may become necessary to recruit new clients to replace ones that have left. It is better to be marketing all the time than it is to wait until you need new work to get started.

Query Letters

Often holding a freelance writer back, the ability to draft a great query letter can take a freelancer from making mediocre money to being paid by large publications for their work. Most freelancing jobs do not require the query letter, but any writer hoping to break into magazines is going to have to become familiar with it.

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