Betting Essay Example

Betting Essay Example

… operations highly complex and cause Aqua Online to find itself in the position of acting as an Internet policeman trying to limit the access to our sites in particular markets. This defeats the entire purpose of our international =]gambling activities.
Stakeholder Analysis
There are many different stakeholders involved in our activities. The specific stakeholders and their concerns are as follows:

Legal Environment:
1. Gambling activities in areas where gabling is prohibited
2. Fraud
3. Credit card abuse
4. Involvement of the criminal element in the gambling industry
5. Underage individuals having access to the gambling sites
6. Corruption in betting and the development of “under the table” and side-betting activities
Social Environment:
1. Family problems caused by excessive gambling
2. Involvement in immoral activities.
3. Abuse of gaming for entertainment
4. Economic problems created by gambling
5. Cultural refusal to accept gambling as a suitable activity
6. Incomplete social integration because of “addiction” to the computer casino
Economic Environment:
1. Large amounts of money leaving the US without reinvestment (US only)
2. Inability to control revenues and taxation of inline gambling
3. Shifting of funds from more productive activities
Technological Environment:
1. Exploitation of information gained by the casinos …

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