Bilingualism And Identity Loss Essay Sample

Bilingualism And Identity Loss Essay Sample

… by both the past and the future. Aeneas quests to find a new home for his wayward people, while Gilgamesh journeys to find new meaning in his original kingdom.
Gilgamesh and Aeneas succeed as heroes for different reasons. Gilgamesh actually failed outwardly to attain immortality and self-centered glory. His eventual discovery and subsequent loss of the plant of immortality represents Gilgamesh’s final sacrifice: in order to achieve true immortality, the king must conquer not death but his ego. Just as Enkidu’s death taught Gilgamesh a powerful lesson of friendship and love, the loss of the plant of …

… that Gilgamesh will rule more justly than he did before the journey. Therefore, he is transformed both as a man and as a king. Likewise, Aeneas experienced both personal and social transformation. After losing his family, Aeneas must try to establish a new life and form a new self-identity. As a man without a home, he struggles to create a new identity not only for himself but for his fellow Trojans. Along the way he sacrifices opportunities to settle down, both with Dido and on Buthrotum. These sacrifices were made with respect to the well-being of his countrymen …

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