Bill Of Rights Vs The Constitution Essay Example

Bill Of Rights Vs The Constitution Essay Example

… see that the Second Amendment was completed. The overriding purpose of the Framers in guaranteeing the right of the people to keep and bear arms was as a check on the standing army, which the Constitution gave the Congress the power to “raise and support (Schultz, 2001).
More importantly the Bill of Rights were one of the reasons the Civil War was fought. What is interesting to note is that when the Constitutional Convention finished its work, it did not find it necessary to include a bill of rights in the final version. Several members, notably George Mason, were very …

… though it took a Civil War for the Bill of Rights to be fully recognized. In many aspects the framer’s succeeded in realizing the Constitution but at a cost. Some may say that the lack of a Bill of Rights from the beginning was a marked failure for the framers as it lead to wartime losses and untold suffering for those still considered slaves.
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Schultz, D. 2001 “The “Well Regulated” Militia of the Second Amendment: An Examination of the Framers Intentions” The Liberty Pole. V.II, No. …

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