Biographic Poetry On John Winthrop Essay Sample

Biographic Poetry On John Winthrop Essay Sample

… over Man ‘at midnight’ shows the powerlessness of humanity despite its efforts to control and know every aspect of life in the world. Coleridge’s use of personification in nature shows how this goal cannot be possible, since nature, like Man, has a world of its own. Through lyric poetry and effective use of imagery, Coleridge shows how love for Nature can be expressed beautifully, evoking with subjecting meaning and significance that the audience all appreciate.
Love for his child and preference of a simple over complex and modern life is also a prevailing theme in Coleridge’s “Frost at …

… (of Coleridge’s child), the reconciliation between Man and Nature now becomes an important issue not only to Coleridge, but also to the readers who will understand and appreciate the poet’s message in the poem, “Frost at Midnight.”
The second poem for analysis is “Absalom and Achitophel” by John Dryden, a poem that is political and historical in nature. At first glance, the story of Absalom and Achitophel may be an issue that is simply narrative in its portrayal, however, through the use of lyric poetry, Dryden was able to evoke the humanitarian issues imbedded within the political conflict …

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