Birth Order Essays

Birth Order Essays

Links Erdrich Louises novel, “Tracks” to other novels on Native American history.

… to integrate Native Americans into United States society, the Dawes Act divided Indian reservations into individual sections of land (Transforming The Trail Of Tears: Native American Policy Over Time, Even though the idea behind the introduction of this act was to enhance the relationship between the Native Americans and the white settlers, it proved to be a disaster in …

… the impacts of the act passed which eventually resulted in degrading economic situations for the people living on the Indian reservations. Brenda shows how families resorted to the Federal Indian Boarding schools in order to protect their children from the pathetic conditions and seek medical and educational facilities. Brenda says, “Boarding school became a solution for many urban Indian women when they were not able to support …

… Perhaps she had bitten his nails in sleep,
swallowed the ends, snipped threads from his clothing and made
a doll to wear between her legs (Tracks, Pg. 49).
While having complications with the birth of her second child, Fleur refuses to go about the White ways, hence conforming that she has no faith in the Christianity.
Nanapush does not come under the influence of the Christian faith …

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