Bisexualism Medieval Europe Essay Example

Bisexualism Medieval Europe Essay Example

… appearance of monastic gardens comes from the plan of the monastery of Saint Gall, which was written in Switzerland in the 9th Century.

Saint Gall’s plan revealed that these medieval herb gardens consisted of rectangular beds separated by narrow paths. This style of garden was dominant in Western Europe up until the English landscape gardens became the norm in the 18th century.

Saint Gall’s plan included orchards surrounded by a formal garden of geometric beds. While historians are unsure that this style of garden survived from Ancient Rome, many believe that it did, as this style of garden …

… type of pool at the center, whether it was a fishpond or an elaborate bathing pool. According to Martin McGann, assistant professor of landscape contracting: “In medieval times, the garden functioned as a place to view beauty, but it also functioned as the drugstore, supermarket and hardware store”.

Most medieval gardens had a utilitarian section, where vegetables and herbs for cooking were grown. There were also areas for medicinal herbs and other plants used to treat ailments, as well as orchards and a pleasure area for flowers, ornamental trees and turf.

Many medieval herbs grown in the Middle Ages were …

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