Black Sparrow Hawk Essay Sample

Black Sparrow Hawk Essay Sample

… in another instance, the Army replaced a female intelligence analyst who was an expert on Panama with a male analyst without Panama credentials.
Of the 24,000 troops deployed to Panama for Operation Just Cause, four percent were women. Lt. Lisa Kutschera and Warrant Officer Debra Mann piloted BlackHawk helicopters to transport troops into Panama City, often under heavy fire. Other female soldiers, supposedly relegated to safer duties such as driving trucks of supplies, performed their duties while dodging enemy fire.
In the aftermath of the Panama Invasion, the American public saw less resistance to increased combat roles for …

… and bombers could increase their range. In doing so, Worster brought her plane and its flammable cargo within range of air to surface missiles and anti-aircraft fire. Army Major Rhonda Cornum volunteered for a helicopter mission to rescue the pilot of a downed F-16 plane. Cornum¬ís Black Hawk was shot down, and she was held prisoner for a week before being released.
These missions illustrate the fuzzy lines between combat and non-combat roles. Though women were relegated to supportive roles for safety reasons, the realities of war often brought them in danger. Even duties like refueling …

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