The Bonesetter S Daughter Essay Sample

The Bonesetter S Daughter Essay Sample

… In the poem, ‘Father and Daughter’ by William Butler Yeats, a father is speaking about his young daughter and her relationship with a male. The father wants his daughter to stop seeing this male because he feels the relationship is damaging to her reputation. It seems that the father is speaking to himself or someone else, but not directly to the daughter. The main point of the poem is that fathers and daughters have different interests and perspectives when it comes to relationships.
Evidently, the relationship is a scandalous one. In the line, “she hears me strike the board and …

… “being mentioned with a man.” (Yeats). In other words, he does not want her to be associated with this male because the father considers public discussion of his daughter’s love life or discussion of her being with a male at all to be bad for her reputation. In the father’s mind, this would give his daughter “the worst of all bad names” (Yeats), thus damaging her reputation.
The daughter retaliates by expressing her interest in the male’s good looks, “And thereupon replies, that his hair is beautiful, cold as the March wind his eyes.” (Yeats). It seems …

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