Book Notes On Friday Night Lights Essay Sample

Book Notes On Friday Night Lights Essay Sample

… leading juvenile of the permanent stock company which played at
one of the downtown theaters was an acquaintance of Pauls, and the
boy had been invited to drop in at the Sunday-night rehearsals
whenever he could. For more than a year Paul had spent every
available moment loitering about Charley Edwardss dressing room.
He had won a place among Edwardss following not only …
… the white bottom lands, and the drifts lay
already deep in the fields and along the fences, while here and
there the long dead grass and dried weed stalks protruded black
above it. Lights shone from the scattered houses, and a gang of
laborers who stood beside the track waved their lanterns.

Paul had slept very little, and he felt grimy and uncomfortable.
He had made the …

… usual–but this time he was
instructed to leave the book to be balanced. There was above two
thousand dollars in checks, and nearly a thousand in the bank
notes which he had taken from the book and quietly transferred to
his pocket. At the bank he had made out a new deposit slip. His
nerves had been steady enough to permit of his returning to the …

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