Book Review Of Frederick Douglass Narrative Essay Example

Book Review Of Frederick Douglass Narrative Essay Example

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the bookNarrativeof the Life of Frederick Douglass,” by Frederick Douglass. Specifically, it will contain a personal opinion essay with three reasons that support the opinion. African-Americans held on to their culture by maintaining extremely close …

… bit of freedom, and longed for more. This book is the story of his life as a slave, and a free man.
In 1838, Frederick Douglass escaped his master by using someone else’s identification to travel by train to New York. Acquaintances nearly recognized him several times.
Though I …

… escape from slavery–and the end of my experience as a slave. Other chapters will tell the story of my life as a freeman (Douglass 199-201).

Those who remained in slavery chose to for a variety of reasons. Some of the older slaves simply had nowhere else to go …

… other, and many used their strong religious beliefs to keep them survive in the white world, while maintaining their self-esteem.

Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. New York: Dover Publications, 1995.

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