Booker T Washington Up From Slavery Review

Booker T Washington Up From Slavery Review

A look at how some African Americans used religion to overcome discrimination.

… many ways. Not only did it help them to deal with the daily cruelty and hardship of their lives, but it also helped the African American community understand its historical circumstances. Even after slavery was abolished, Christianity continued to serve as a pillar for African Americans who were dealing with racism and discrimination, particularly those living in the early to mid-1900’s.
During the early 1900 …

… also had to deal with the Ku Klux Klan, which tormented blacks through threats, beatings, and killings. African Americans, during this time, had little opportunity to better themselves economically. Some laws prohibited them from working in certain businesses and professions. Many blacks were forced to take low-paying jobs as farm hands or servants for white employers. Others became sharecroppers or tenant farmers. They had to struggle …

… . It wasn’t quite slavery but it was obvious discrimination.
African American leaders of this era, such as Booker T. Washington, Phillis Wheatley, and Jupitor Hammon, believed that African Americans were greatly influenced by Christianity and used their religion to rise above the hideous circumstances.
Booker T. Washington was born a slave and later became a leading black educator. Washington preached to both blacks and whites about …

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