Bowen S Triangle Alcoholism Essay Sample

Bowen S Triangle Alcoholism Essay Sample

… The women in “To Room 19” by Doris Lessing, “The Demon Lover” by Elizabeth Bowen and ‘The End of the Road” by John Barth, are all oppressed products of their society. They fail to emerge from this oppression, despite the struggle to be free. In the end we find them willing if unknowing accomplices to their fate. In the twentieth century the woman is free to do and act as she chooses. Yet these three women prefer to subordinate themselves to their preconceived ideas of womanhood, their past ghosts, or their men.

“To Room 19” by Doris Lessing

Susan, the …

… be with him. She makes no attempt to resist his violence towards her. Similarly she makes no attempt to resist Jake’s advances. She is thus handed over to the mercy of the men, who do with her as they please, because she contentedly allows them to.
The love triangle between Joe, Jake and Rennie is the central element of the novel. The end of it is tragedy, and at the end it is too late to pick up the pieces.
Further complicating the matter is Jacob Horner’s slipperiness. He never takes a firm opinion or attitude on anything …

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