The Bridge Over The Drina Ivo Andric Essay Example

The Bridge Over The Drina Ivo Andric Essay Example

… reason the war is fought. The standards must maintain the humane treatment of the people in each side as including those who are fighting the actual war.

The desire to invade and take over another nation for the sake of improving or gaining power has never been a morally accepted reason to begin a war. The desire to attack and own another people or land simply for …

… blown up and the plan was to blame it on the Chinese so that the military invasion of China would appear to be morally acceptable and an act of self defense(Marco Polo Bridge Incident (Resumption of Sino-Japanese hostilities
The Marco Polo Bridge incident allowed the Japanese to have a reason to begin invading China again. A …

… Shanghai, fell and Nanjing (Nanking), Chiang Kai-sheks capital, fell in December 1937(The Japan-China War 1937 to 1945 The lack of morals on the part of the Japanese military heads started with the deceitful attack of the Marco Polo Bridge but did not end there. Once the invasion began the head Japanese military officials allowed, planned and …

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