The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari Essay Example

The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari Essay Example

… physical differences.
Germans are also divided along religious lines. Much of northern and eastern Germany is Protestant, with the exception of the Rhineland area. Most belong to the Evangelical Lutheran church. The south is predominantly Roman Catholic, with the greatest concentration in Bavaria. In Germany about 66 percent of the people are Protestant and 27 percent Catholic.
German culture–especially in the areas of music, literature, and poetry–has made a great contribution to Europe and the world.The German people have always been lovers of poetry, and some of their greatest poets–such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and …

… Christa Wolf. Until 1979, when the state control over writers tightened, some East German authors had their works published in West Germany to avoid censorship.
One of the most notable contributions to German culture was made in the 1970s by motion pictures. From 1919, when the film ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ was made, the German cinema was one of the most important in Europe. After World War II, production of films began again, and by 1955 the industry was producing more than 100 films a year. These films were produced mainly for mass entertainment. They carried no political or …

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