What Can Music Influence The Teenages Essay Sample

What Can Music Influence The Teenages Essay Sample

… values. The age of violence in movies, television, and video games seems to have produced a generation of youth who prefer a touch of violence in their music. Since youth are the main music-buying demographic, it is youth who will guide the direction of popular music through their consumer preferences.
This does not mean that classic pop singing will have no audience whatsoever. There will always …

… like show tunes have a quiet but devoted following today. Classic pop singing will not be the top music it once was, but it will continue to exist.

Question # 3
Bing Crosby was the biggest surprise, as far as influence and importance are concerned. To many youth today, Bing Crosby is not a name that is associated with pop music, yet he was one of the pioneers …

… brought to life the popular practice of creating a sense of intimacy with the audience. Bing Crosby made individuals in the audience think he was singing just to them. Without Bing Crosby’s influence, popular music might still be stuck in the over-the-top days of vaudeville and the impersonal atmosphere of big band. Bing Crosby laid the foundations for music development over the next fifty …

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