The Canterbury Tales Host Essay Sample

The Canterbury Tales Host Essay Sample

… One of the tales in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is told by the Manciple, a manciple being the steward of a college or monastery in the Catholic church. He is one of many clerics or church-related professionals on this journey, and the story he tells is a fable about trust. It takes the form of a beastly fable centering on a white crow that …

… and with the Wife if Bath, they are set against the clerical group–a nun, a prioress, a pardoner, a manciple, a parson, and a summoner. Set between the two groups is the Host, who is to act as judge of their stories.
The fact that the various characters are not named also points to a larger intent–these people, while drawn as individuals, are also to …

… his home:
His bowe he bente and sette therinne a flo,
And in his ire his wif thanne hath he slain (161-162).
Just as sudden is his reversal as he turns on the bird who gave him the news and accuses it of lying:
“Traitour,” quod he, “with tonge of scorpioun,
Thou has me brought to my confusion. . .” (167-168).
Phoebus accuses the bird of having …

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