Caring Hearts Healthcare Institution Essay

Caring Hearts Healthcare Institution Essay

Ethics is one of the basic backbones of every existing organization within the human society. As for healthcare agencies, ethics is the practically one of the basic foundation of their existence within the industry. It is through their capability to safeguard the different values of their organization on the process by which they serve other people in the society that they gain the reputation that they are most valued for. It is only through a well established set of ethical measures does one particular organization gain the integrity that it deserves to have as a standing proof to the service and the sincere assistance that it wants to provide the society with.

As for healthcare administrations such as that of the Caring Hearts, considering the balance of service and ethics is essentially important in the level of acceptance that the organization would like to establish among the people to whom they owe service. Truthfully, it is only through their capability to maintain their hold and integrity on the level of concentration that they are giving towards the creation of more apprehensive situations that are designed to make it better for the organization to meet the missions that they themselves have established to be true and effective for the target population that they aim to serve.

Within the paragraphs that follow, the process by which ethical codes that would envelop the primary operations of the organization shall be discussed and presented for an ideal understanding as to how the Caring Hearts Healthcare institution is about to take notice of the care that they are giving to their patients and their clients while they are actually trying to meet the standards and expectations that they too have set for the entire team of people making up their organizations.

The Basis of the Basic Measures of Code of Ethics for Caring Hearts

For healthcare institutions such as that the Caring Hearts, it is much essential to consider the stakeholders first to be able to draw the necessary measures of ethics that they need to follow through. The following discussion on the stakeholders shall then try to show how the ethical mandate of operations could be taken into consideration as the organization tries to complete its task to the society.

  • Ethically preserving the values of the Patients or the clients served:

Every client that undergoes the assistance procedures provided by the Caring Hearts Organization is expected to belong to certain race, having certain culture, tradition and personal values that are mostly affective on the ways by which they are able to decide upon the medical operations and assistance that they are to accept from their providers. Hence, as major assisting group, the Caring Hearts staff should learn to see to it that they are in no way getting over the situation and just dictating their patients or the clients of what they ought to do with regards a certain health situation. They should then be able to understand that there is a need to consider their clients’ race, values, cultures and traditions before any particular decision on medical procedures to be given way shall be finalized.

  • Ethically managing the operations of the organization while giving careful consideration to the people working for the institution

The capability of the organization to operate well in an environment that is free from personal issues that are emerging among the staff of the group is a very important matter to consider. Likely, it is with this particular capability that the institution is able to ensure that they are not only able to operate as a group towards the people around them but are also able to operate well for the people within the group, giving them a chance to preserve fine relations between the people handling the operation responsibilities of the entire healthcare assisting organization.

  • Ethically considering the values of the surrounding society

It is very important that the external relations of the group with the society that they are trying to exist with is fair enough to assure that they are both in a mutual understanding that they are both existing for the good of each other. Through considering the values of the entire society, the Caring Hearts institution could be able to find the best ways possible to handle any emerging issues in the future with regards the operation of the institution and the acceptance that the society is ready to give it.


From this particular discussion, it could be seen how much ethical measures are important in the existence of institutions such as that of the Caring Hearts group. Considerably, through the constant observation of these measures, the organization would be able to gain the meaningful existence that they would want to have for their target stakeholders which includes both their clients and their own internal staff.



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