My Cars Rental Company Essay

My Cars Rental Company Essay

Up to now, many company owners are still unaware of the effects that motivation, leadership and teamwork have on their business. Accordingly, it is important that they understand and learn these factors that provide positive reactions within the workplace. The size of the business makes no difference, given that every player of the company needs some form of motivation, leadership, and teamwork. While different businesses approached these aspects differently, the responsibility of its integration all lies with the supervisors and employees. However, it is the leadership of the business owner that ultimately initiates motivation in order to attain corporate goals through teamwork.


Motivation is the influence that makes employees perform at a varying level. This is a consequence of individual needs being met or satisfied so that employees are encouraged to complete their tasks. The employees are the greatest asset of the company and no matter how efficient the equipment and technology may be, it is no match for the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees. Accordingly, motivation can have an effect on the productivity of Cars Rental Company, as well as on the quantity of transactions and quality of services. Cars Rental Company depends heavily on the effectiveness of the employees to provide quality services. If employees lack the motivation to offer the services that meet the customers demand, then the Cars Rental Company will face a problem that can bring about devastating effects on its productivity and reputation.


As a cars rental company owner, one must have the authority to influence motivation. The level of motivation basically depends on the leadership style influence. Generally, the following guidelines outline the basic motivation perspective that guide owners of Cars Rental Companies in their decision making processes: allow the needs of the company to coincide with the needs of the employees; reward excellent performance; set the example; develop esprit de corps and morale; allow the employees to be part of the problem solving and planning process; take good care of the employees; keep them informed; make their tasks challenging, meaningful, exciting, and challenging; and counsel employees who conduct themselves in a way that is contrary to the company’s objectives (“Motivation & Leadership”). In other words, the company owner must establish direction as well as align and influence its employees towards a common objective, committing and motivating them to take action and making them answerable for their respective performances.


The success of Cars Rental Company has always depended on delivering results by means of teamwork. Accordingly, there are some leadership techniques and behaviors that can capitalize on the possibilities of success. The owner can motivate and create a high-performing team by applying good leadership skills, while building legitimate relationships with team members. In a team-motivated environment, everyone will be encouraged to achieve the common objective as well as support each other until it is realized. Moreover, the exchange of information, ideas, and testing of outcomes, increases the motivating force and, consequently, every member aspires to become a leader of quality contribution. For this reason, team motivation is without a doubt exceptionally influential in making a successful team.


Effective motivation, leadership and teamwork can best be measured by how well a Cars Rental Company achieves results. However, owners without help will unlikely achieve results in view of the fact that they need others to assist them accomplish the goals. Apparently, the most excellent approach to have company employees achieve result is by motivating them. For that reason, the success of the Cars Rental Company depends on the owner’s ability to motivate teams and individuals to achieve result. Therefore, appropriately applying motivation, leadership and teamwork, will definitely serve the company well in various ways throughout its operation.

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