The Case Of Roe Wade Essay

The Case Of Roe Wade Essay

… that the analogous cases are similar at a conceptual or abstract level.
(A) A distinguishing precedent is a cited case that essentially provides a counter example to the current fact situation. It supports the opposite conclusion of the analogous precedent. Like the analogous precedent, there are certain criteria that the distinguishing precedent must meet. 1) It is similar at either a detailed or a thematic level to …

… that the patriot act was indeed constitutional, but given a narrow interpretation, the court could find that the provisions of the act were only applicable if the justice department could prove that the case was vitally important for national security.
In a sense, there is a certain way in which upholding a law or precedent with narrow interpretations is very similar to stricking down the law, with …

… That would tell abortion proponents that they simply need to find a better reason, or reasoning, for keeping abortion legal.
Then, of course, there is the possibility that the court could overturn Roe v. Wade with a broad interpretation, making all abortions at any time and for whatever reason, illegal.
Alternative methods to the outright upholding or the striking down of a law exist. A defeat of …

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