The Castle By Franz Kafka Essay Example

The Castle By Franz Kafka Essay Example

… other similar organizations, are bureaucracies – “they are structures with hierarchy of authority, division of labor, impersonality … and rules and regulations” (p. 296). In most contexts the term bureaucracy has a negative connotation – think of the governmental structure of a socialist country (like the former Soviet Union), Franz Kafkas depiction of The Castle, or (closer to home) the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Very few sane individuals actually like dealing with a bureaucracy considering its layers of hierarchy and impersonal nature. Unfortunately, when it comes to schools, no matter what the talk of reforming the current situation, “the evidence has …

… faculty members who trusted their principals, who were disinclined to spin the truth, and who suffered from much less role conflict than did their colleagues in schools with hindering structures” (p. 313). And finally, a regression “of the enabling structure on faculty trust in the principal, truth spinning of the faculty, and perceived role conflict in the school” showed that these “three independent variables had a major relationship with enabling bureaucracy” (p. 313).
Despite the apparent success of this study, there remain some areas in need of clarification and extension. The authors, themselves, point out the essence of the problem …

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