The Changing Office Essay Sample

The Changing Office Essay Sample

… commodities and relegated only small, menial positions such as being a secretary. Meanwhile, Walker’s poem illustrates how women can be compared to plants, which are grown and groomed according to the planter/owner’s wants and design.
Women as objects of commodity are illustrated as mechanical objects by likening a woman’s body parts to office objects or materials, relating the poem’s environment similar to the office environment: “My hips are a desk… My breasts are quills of mimeograph ink. My head is a badly organized file/ My head is a switchboard… File me under W/ because I …

… wilderness/ unbounded… she is free/ and not creepervine/ or tree.” Walker ends her poem with a resolution, declaring women as ‘free’ agents, unlike the oppression and labeling that women receive, similar to the message and inconclusive ending in Piercy’s poem. Nevertheless, these poems are contemporary reflections on the changing perception of women in the society.

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