Chapter Summary For Always Running By Luis Rodriguez Essay

Chapter Summary For Always Running By Luis Rodriguez Essay

… Relocating to the United States to begin a better way of life is an “American Dream” for many immigrants. Sadly, for a few, these dreams often turn into nightmares. In (Chapter I) of his book Always Running, author Luis Rodriguez explores his family’s immigration to the United States. Rodriguez vividly compares and contrasts his family’s comfortable, honorable, respectable, life in Mexico, where his father was …

… for the most unskilled jobs.
Seeing the contrast between the amount of respect his father was given in Mexico versus the status he was given in the United States, undoubtedly caused his son Luis to have a not so favorable attitude towards mainstream America, and made look for respect on his own terms. (Joining a gang)
Rodriguez explains his reaction to resettling in America.

“Our first exposure …

… status forced upon him by American society, he could not create the stable type of life he desired for himself and his family and became viewed as another “sp** immigrant” to be despised (Rodriguez 19). The success of his son Luis is a testament to the personal sacrifices his father made, paving the way for a new future for Latinos in America.

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