Character Analysis For Becket Essay Example

Character Analysis For Becket Essay Example

… this paper, will be studied through the themes of the following ideas: (1) description of the process of marriage; (2) divorce as an unpopular practice in the society; and (3) the subjective point of view of the poet/Speaker about marriage and divorce. Aside from these themes, the poetic analysis will include a discussion of the elements used in the poem such as imagery, simile, symbolism, and speaker and tone. These poetic elements are used in conducting a textual analysis of the poem, while a structural analysis of the poem is also included, which provides a study of the ordering …

… lines, “when your ears were just/ as sure as your silversweet tongue/ was sure that the soup was oversalted” and “you always were/ really sensitive really/ tongue ears nose fingers almost/ everything.” These lines show how the body’s senses are used to illustrate the character of the main character in the poem, who is described as a resolute (first line) and sensitive (second line) individual. Noticeably, these two characteristics are used to illustrate the normal characteristics people have to go through in the process of marriage and divorce. The first characteristic, which is being resolute, are evident in individuals …

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