Character Analysis Of Marcus Brutus Essay Sample

Character Analysis Of Marcus Brutus Essay Sample

… William Shakespeares tragedy of Julius Caesar, first presented on stage ca. 1601, actually relates the tale of Brutus and Cassius rather than the central figure of Julius Caesar. As co-conspirators, Brutus and Cassius maintain quite different motives concerning the assassination of Caesar; on the one hand, Brutus represents morality and honor and wishes to glorify all that is great about Rome, while Cassius represents deceit and manipulation and views Caesar as his bitter enemy and a tyrant. In essence, as pointed out by Frank N. Magill, “Since Cassius, the so-called villain of Julius Caesar, is presented rather …

Brutus is lost near the end of the play” (1855).
After a close reading of Julius Caesar, it appears that Brutus is a man of great honor with many redeeming qualities, several being his strong relationship with Caesar and his commitment to Roman principles. Yet Brutus, as a noble character with close ties to the people of Rome, was convinced that Caesar was much too ambitious in his quest for supremacy which he felt would compromise the lives of the commoners.
As an idealist and supporter of “Pax Romana,” being Roman peace, liberty and freedom, Brutus fears that the empire …

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