Character Of Mice And Men Essay Sample

Character Of Mice And Men Essay Sample

… comedies or musicals and try to forget your own hardships.
But apparently if a person had money enough to buy a book, he or she might buy a tragedy. Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men was written in the depths of the Depression, in 1937, but it became a bestseller.
Steinbeck’s life was not tragic, but it certainly wasn’t one of luxury and ease, …

… about farm workers. He picked up many of those stories, and the knowledge that would help him with the characters and dialog in Of Mine and Men, by working as a ranch hand and fruit picker, among other jobs, while he was working on his novels and waiting for someone to publish them.
Steinbeck’s next book was Of Mice and Men. Like Tortilla Flat, it drew …

… s also where it dies, with Lennie. The river is a symbol for life flowing on, taking dreams along with it, heedless of the fact that men are depending for their lives on those dreams.
George, the most fully developed character in the novel, is also the dreamer. It is his dream that gives the novel birth. It is the death of that dream that ends the …

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