Character Study Of Nora Essay Sample

Character Study Of Nora Essay Sample

… that is an empirical or knowable manifestation of an individual’s intelligible character. While the intelligible character influences a person’s internal thoughts, convictions and desires, the empirical character is the physical manifestations or actions of these internal drives. Thus, a man who is heterosexual (determined by his intelligible character) can manifest his empirical character by asking a woman out. However, unlike intelligible character, the empirical character changes according to time and the situation. For example, a man will remain heterosexual after marriage since his intelligible character is unchanged. However, in keeping with changes in his empirical character, a married …

… in to these internal drives.
Thus, in contrast to Schopenhauer who believes that people should face life and give in to their nature as manifestation of will, Pope envisions a much more active role for humans. Pope says that a human being’s function is to “make a proper study of mankind.” Towards this end, a person must learn from “attention, habit and experience” because each of these traits “strengthens Reason, and Self-love restrains.” Pope believes that every person actively strives for his or her happiness, as well as his or her contentment. This definition of happiness is determined …

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