Charateristics Of An Epic Hero Essay Sample

Charateristics Of An Epic Hero Essay Sample

… of the triumph of Penelope’s love and virtue over the adversity that she faces.
The force that always lies at the heart of an epic of homecoming is the person for whom the hero comes home, which is in this case Penelope. Odysseus is at best an inconstant hero in this tale, often beyond the ken of the reader, while Penelope remains at the heart of the story: She is constant, wise, and powerful. She is also devious when this is required of her. Truth is a commodity that the Greeks understood must sometimes be rationed. Penelope’s virtues …

… is the epic of the homecoming of a hero. Such is the force of Odysseus’s love for Penelope, and such is the force of her own goodness and powerful virtue, that she becomes the force that not only compels Odysseus home but that prompts the writing of the epic of the Odyssey itself.
The Odyssey is the story of Penelope, although her role is perhaps even more important if we consider this epic on its own rather than a secondary chapter to the Iliad. Penelope encompasses some of the most important virtues celebrated by the Greeks, and Homer uses …

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