Child Abuse: Media Paper And Community Resource Essay

Child Abuse: Media Paper And Community Resource Essay

The child involved was 4 years old and had provided five different stories to the daycare provider about the bruises on his back, arms and shoulders. The daycare provider reported the abuse immediately after he found the bruises. The child had been physically abused as apparent from the bruises on his body. After the abuse was reported, within 24 hours the Child Protective Services had responded to the case. The main factors which contributed to the abuse was that the child was severely injured which is extremely vulnerable due to his age. Had the parents showed a little more concern for their child the abuse could have been somewhat prevented. After the abuse was reported, the Child Protective Services took custody of the child and demanded that the parents be questioned before releasing the child into their custody. 

The resources I would refer to the individual and family of the involved in my area include, local social services agency, law enforcement agency and health care workers whose job is to maintain the safety of the child after the report has been filed and till the abuser is caught and prosecuted. I would also refer psychologists, counselors and medical examiner who are required to stabilize the mentality of the child and related family members. Their opinion is also required by the law enforcement officers and social service agencies for catching the abuser.

If I were the therapist who found about the child abuse I would immediately report the abuse to the Child Protective Services and local social services agency. The steps that I would have taken would include first taking custody of the child until its parents show up. Once the parents come I would have questioned them and tried to confirm whether they know anything about the abuse. The next step would involve their counseling where I would ask them to pay a little more attention towards the well being of their child to prevent any further abuse. Finally, I would schedule further dates for the parents to attend counseling sessions with me so that I can be sure that they are actually concerned about their child’s safety and well being. The numbers that would have contacted include the child’s parents, law enforcement agency, local social service agency and Child Protective Services. I would have told them about the child who has been abused, how I understood that he or she has been abused, what type of abuse I have noted, the mental and physical state of the child and what my relation is to the child.

Child abuse is among the major problems threatening our societies today. It is very sad that parents pay so little attention to the welfare of their children that they do not even realize that the child is being abused. Most of the children abused become criminal or suffer from mental and physical scars which remain with them throughout their lives. Parents play an important role in their child’s life and thus need to pay attention towards their demands and well being. It is very sad when parents are not accessible to their child who often feel left out and neglected. Small children who do not even know what child abuse is cannot tell anyone about it and thus, have to face a dreadful life without the attention of their parents.


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