Child Welfare History Essay

Child Welfare History Essay

… This is a two page essay on government welfare. Discussed: should the government provide fewer or more benefits for single parents on welfare. Thesis, three reasons to support, at least 4 quotes and paraphrases on each page from experts. Three sources. MLA.
Should the Government Provide More or Fewer
Benefits for Single Parents On Welfare?

Welfare reforms have been a continuous debate for years. The latest reform …

… Thus, the “decline in welfare caseloads would only be 4 percentage points greater in a state with above average economic growth than in a state with below average economic growth” (New B7). Moreover, history shows that the economy has a limited impact on the number of welfare recipients: “between 1983 and 1989 the economy was at a brisk rate, but the number of AFDC recipients actually increased” ( …

… states with high benefits” (New B7).
According to the Government Accounting Office, although, there have been studies conducted to understand the role of welfare benefits and a “woman’s decision to have a child…the results of studies have been mixed” (Welfare pg). However, “a recent summary of this research found that a slight majority of studies have concluded that receiving welfare has led to a decrease …

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