Children Health Insurance Program Essay Example

Children Health Insurance Program Essay Example

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of this plan.

… PDI Financial Plan

The financial plan of PDI enables the provider to provide patients with the treatment and support necessary to control dental disease and maintain dental health at a minimal cost to subscribers. The advantages of using PDI’s dental and vision plan include a lack of deductibles, no waiting periods, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions or cosmetic dentistry; no claim forms; no maximum dollars …

… treatment plan, and free oral hygiene instruction. Dentists say that this service is worth approximately $227. Membership in the PDI program is $79 annually. This $79 fee covers the primary subscriber, spouse and children.
For regular diagnostic work, the plan is financially beneficial. The plan allows a free oral examination and periodic oral evaluation and treatment plan presentation. It saves the subscriber hundreds of dollars in normal …

… offers saving of up to $600.
PDI’s financial plan is based on the fact that it is not an insurance company. Therefore, there are no expensive administration costs, expensive claims to pay, and large commissions to pay to insurance agents to market our dental program.

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